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AKC Red Golden Retrievers

Autumn’s Sunka Luta Naco CGC MH51 RN and Adirondac Zeolite Zoe

These bloodlines exhibit the grit, problem-solving skills, athleticism, trainability, and heart, renowned in Golden Retriever Field dogs.


Autumn’s Sunka Luta “Naco” CGC MH51 RN

Naco is a proven sire producing top-notch field-bred Golden Retriever puppies. Both of Naco’s parents earned Golden Retriever Club of America “Hall of Fame” honors. Naco’s own GRCA achievements are notable, starting with his first Master Hunter title at just 22 months old. Now his GRCA Titles soar above 50.


Adirondac Zeolite “Zoe”

“Zoe is a great mother”, says a longtime field-bred Golden Retriever breeder. “So beneficial for the puppies to learn from a solid personality mom.”

“It’s the bitch that makes the litter,” observes a well-known Golden Retriever breeder.

Zoe’s pedigree glitters with GRCA accolades for Hunters, Agility, Search & Rescue and Therapy.

About Red Bank Goldens

As a family operation, Red Bank Goldens prioritizes the quality, health, and temperament of our puppies.  Health Clearances and Pedigree of sire and dam are available.

Field-bred Golden Retrievers exhibit all the best qualities, drive, trainability, and personality that their breed is known for.  Their coats tend to be shorter and range from dark golden to deep red, although, occasionally some white may appear.

Our Goldens are athletic, social, and energetic but not hyper.  If your puppy is getting lots of exercise, is taught manners, and obedience with positive reinforcement, and enjoys plenty of interaction with you, then you will have a happy, faithful, and heart-warming companion.

Field-bred Goldens love to be challenged, and excel in many venues: hunt-test, agility, scent-work, or therapy.  They do best when they have a purpose. 

Naco, Zoe and the Puppies : 2023 Gallery

  • Adirondac Zeolite "Zoe"
  • Adirondac Zeolite "Zoe" week 1 2023
  • Zoe with pup 2023
  • Zoe with pups 2023
  • Zoe with pups 2023
  • red golden retriever puppy 2023
  • red golden retriever puppy 2023
  • Zoe with pup 2023
  • Zoe with pup 2023
  • Zoe with pups 2023
  • Adirondac Zeolite "Zoe"

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Price is $3,400. A $500 deposit is applied to the final amount.

What to expect:

  1. EMAIL  With the influx of requests, response times on emails could be delayed but we do respond to them in order they are received.  If you have not heard back from us in a couple of days, send a second email.
  2. VISITS   We are limiting visits to meet our dogs or the puppies prior to pick-up day at this time.  Inquire individually.
  3. TRANSPORT   We do not ship puppies. Please plan on directly picking up your puppy in New Jersey. Inquire personally about any delivery options.  Our puppies’ safety is our top priority.
  4. PAPERWORK    We are doing paperwork online to limit close contact during pickups.
  5. PICK-UP DAY    On pick-up day appointments will be scheduled with time in between to disinfect and limit exposure to other families.

*ALL our puppies are sold with limited breeding rights. If you are thinking of breeding please inquire further.

Naco Slides

Zoe Slides

Testimonials and Progress Notes from Happy Families

Yellow collar

“Cedar truly has been a great puppy, very easy to train, driven to hunt and loves to cuddle up at the end of the day. My wife and I absolutely adore her.”



Yellow Collar

One month: “Things have been going great and Cedar is wonderful. She was out on the boat today, hanging out in the breeze.”

Green Collar

She’s doing great. Thanks for all you did to ensure she is an awesome puppy!


Purple Collar

Giggs is doing well, hope you all are also. Had him to the vet today. He weighs 24 lbs and got chipped also. He’s sleeping 10:30 pm – 5:45 am which is way better than it was last week. He certainly knows to be quiet in his kennel which took some doing as he was very vocal. He also knows “leave it” and sits nicely when it’s chow time.

White Collar

We wanted you to know that Jack is doing fantastic. He is eating well and starting to get the hang of potty training. The adult residents are slowly warming up to him and we even had a nice romp in the backyard this morning. Today Jack saw our Vet who said he is in perfect health. He weighed 17 pounds 5 ounces this morning. He got microchipped today.


“She is getting along wonderfully and she is such a sweetheart. She definitely loves napping in the oddest places. She also loves retrieving her toys.”

Black Collar

Day 3

So good!! Knows “Come”, his name, and we are working on “No.”